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GOODIES | Everquest 2
Everquest 2 | Les commandes du jeu!
ιcrit par : [B A T] Pacda-Manic le 29/11/2004 ΰ 15:39


Voici toutes les commandes connu a ce jour sur EQ2



/shout – Sends your message to everyone in the zone on the Shout Channel

/ooc – Sends your message to everyone in the zone on the Out Of Character Channel

/auction – Sends your message to everyone in the zone on the Auction Channel

/g or /gsay – Sends your message to everyone in your Group Chat Channel

/r – Sends your message to everyone in your Raid Chat Channel

/em (text) – Creates a message that appears behind your name as an emote message

/brb – Sends a message to your local chat channel saying you will be right back

/t or /tell (charname) (text) – Sends your message to the character who’s name you input

/telltarget or /tt – Sends your /tell to your target

/reply - Sends your message to the last person that sent you a /tell
Can I talk to players in other SOE games while playing EverQuest II?

Yes, you can send message to players in EverQuest II, EverQuest, and Star Wars Galaxies.

To send a message to a character on your own server:
/tell character message

To send a message to a character on another EverQuest II server:

/tell server.character message

To send a message to a character in Star Wars Galaxies:

/tell swg.server.character message

To send a message to a character in EverQuest:

/tell eq.server.character message

Misc / Utility

/showhood – Toggles the visibility of your headgear appearing to others

/bubble_fontsize n – Changes the text size in chat bubbles to size n

/kill – Commit suicide

/dis - Toggles your experience gain

/motd – Shows you the game message of the day

/filter - Toggles the obscenity filter

/friend (name) – Adds or removes the name from your friend list

/ignore (name) – Adds or removes the name from your ignore list

/log – Saves text to a .txt file

/played – Shows you your character played time information

/time – Shows you in-game and real life time

/mood (mood) – Changes your mood to the selection. Moods remain constant until changed. Options include: afraid, happy, sad, tired, angry, none

/sit – Makes your character sit

/stand – Makes your character stand

/camp, /exit, /quit – Exits the game

/yell – Breaks your encounter and yells for help

/con – Considers target (same info as is portrayed by mouse cursor)

/pizza - Now sends you to the preorder EQ2 Collectors Edition webpage

/random 1 100 - Random number between 1 and 100 (change numbers to whatever)

/target (name) - Selects target of choice

Group and Raid

/invite - Same as radial "invite to group"

/invite charname - Will invite char name to group Ctrl + I

/makeleader (name or target) - Gives leadership of group to selected target or character

/raidinvite - Same as radial "invite to raid"

/leavegroup, /leave - Same as radial "leave group"

/leaveraid - Same as radial "leave raid"

/kickfromgroup - Same as radial "kick from group"

/kickfromraid - Same as radial "kick from raid"

/disband - Will now disband the group member you have targeted. Ctrl + D

/follow – Follows your target

/assist (char name - partial or full name) - You will target char name’s target

/assist – You will target your target’s target (NPC or PC ok)

/target name - Targets name

Character Status Flags

/anon - Anonymous, hide class/level/etc

/role - Roleplaying flag

/afk [optional message to be returned to anyone who /tells you] - Returns the message you wish a player to see while you are away

/lfg - Adds you to the looking for group search results

Who & Example Uses

Note: the cap on how many names are displayed is 100. So, if the who result is 100, it is likely that there are more results than that. Try narrowing your /who command by adding more parameters, such as a level range.

just /, or /who - Will bring up a list of people currently in the same zone as you)

/who all - Can be many things (good, evil, roleplay, scout, bard, dirge, 30 40, 30, friends)

/who all GM - Will bring up a list of GMs (currently bugged and showing some non-gm players too)

/who all shaman 10 12 - Would bring up all shamans level 10 to 12

/who all 8 - Would bring up anyone level 8

/Whotarget - Will run a /who on your target


/tellchannel - Send message to room specified. Alias: /csay

/# - Tell command for channel number assignment (better than /tellchannel #)

/joinchannel - Enter a room (or create if doesn't exist)

/leavechannel - Leave a room (game/world rooms)

/leaveall - Exit all channels you are currently in

/channellist - Lists all channels currently in

/whochannel # - Lists all users in specified channel. (channelnumber is displayed next to name in chat window whenever receive message regarding that channel (i.e "You tell channelname (1), "hello channel" "))


/guild create Guild Name – Temporary method of guild creation

/guild invite - Target a player in the same zone and invite them to join your guild. You must be an officer to do this.

/guild kick - Used by officers to remove people from a guild - might work to target yourself and kick too.

/guild promote - Used to promote people to full member and officer

/who all guild - Lists whoever is on in guild at the moment

/gu or /guildsay - Sends message to all in guild channel

/guild motd message - Adds a message that all guild members will see when they log on. I am assuming if you just type /guild motd you will see the message without changing it but have not tested it. Also I imagine only the leader or maybe officers can change it.


/pet attack - Pet will attack your current target

/pet backoff - Pet will cease attacking its target

/pet stayhere - Pet will stop following you and remain where it is

/pet followme - Pet will follow you

/pet report - Pet will announce his health in a percentage

/pet guardme - Pet will guard and follow you

/pet guardhere - Pet will guard its current location

/pet who -Pet will announce its master

/pet getlost - Pet will disappear


/typo - Allows you to submit cosmetic typos

/bug - For real bugs

/feedback - For ideas, suggestions, comments

/petition – Report a player

Useful Tidbits

You can repeat your last entry in the chat window by clicking in it (or hitting enter to enter chat mode), then hitting the up arrow key to scroll through previous entries. Hitting the down arrow key will scroll down through entries to the most recent, then to a blank. Holding shift and hitting up or down goes to the first recorded entry (up) or clears the chat box (down).

% codes

Useful for hotkeyed macros (see socials window, macro tab)

When speaking, you can now use a series of “%-codes” that expand into various pieces of information. Same as EQ Live.

%M – Returns the character’s pet's name (when they have a pet)

%T - Returns the current target

%S - Returns the subjective gender-specific pronoun for the target (He, She, It)

%O - Returns the objective gender-specific pronoun for the target (Him, Her, It)

%P - Returns the possessive gender-specific pronoun for the target (His, Her, Its)

%R - Returns the race of the target (only works on Player characters)

%G - Returns the gender of the target

Keyboard Commands


Begin Chat Input - Enter

Begin Command - /

Chat Page Up - Shift + Page Up

Chat Page Down - Shift + Page Down

Tell - T

Reply - R or Backspace

Groupsay - G


Mouselook - Hold right button and move mouse

Pitch Up - Numpad 9 or Page Up

Pitch Down - Numpad 3 or Page Down

Recenter Camera - Numpad 5

Zoom In - Numpad Plus Sign or Mousewheel Up

Zoom Out - Numpad Minus Sign or Mousewheel Down

Change View - F9


Creating a Macro

Step1: Click the EQ2 button
Step2: Select Socials then click on the Macros Tab
Step3: Click on an open macro slot by clicking on the "click to edit" text.
Step4: Give your macro a name and a cool icon for your hotkey bar
Step5: In the macro text box is where you will construct your macro

In creating your macro you can use a combination of commands and dynamic text strings. One of my old EQ favorite macros was: "Incoming (target) !"

To display the phrase "Incoming (target)! " to your group you would type into the macro text box "/g Incoming! %t"

/bow ; say goodbye %T nice to meet you ; wave

Will make your character bow, then say "goodbye then will wave.......

You CAN'T use macros to trigger abilities or spells. You can also have multiple slash commands in a single macro by separating each command with a space, semicolon, and another space. (" ; "). After the first slash command all subsequent commands don't need the "/" (/g Look! ; point).


Forward – W or Up Arrow or Numpad 8 or Mouselook + Left Mouse Button

Backward – S or Down Arrow or Numpad 2

Turn Left – A or Left Arrow or Numpad 4

Turn Right – D or Right Arrow or Numpad 6

Move Left – Q or Ctrl + A or Ctrl + Left Arrow or Ctrl + Numpad 4 or Mouselook + Turn Left

Move Right – E or Ctrl + D or Ctrl + Right Arrow or Ctrl + Numpad 6 or Mouselook + Turn Right

Swim Up - Numpad 7 (Home)

Swim Down - Numpad 1 (End)

Run/Walk Toggle - Shift + R

Autorun - Num Lock

Jump - Space

Crouch - C

Sit – X


Clear Target - Escape

Target - Single left-click on object or character in worldview

Target Self - F1

Target Pet - Shift + F1

Target Groupmates - F2 through F6

Target Group Pets - Shift + F2 through F6

Target Next NPC - Tab

Target Previous NPC - Shift + Tab

Target Nearest PC - F7

Target Nearest NPC - F8

Target Next Encounter NPC - Ctrl + Tab

Target Previous Encounter NPC - [No default]


Hail Target - H

Autoattack Toggle - ~

Interact/Use - Double left-click on object or character in worldview or F

Screenshot - Print Screen


Primary Bar - 0 to = 9

Secondary Bar - Alt + 0 to = 9

Tertiary Bar - Ctrl + 0 to = 9

Primary Bar Banks - Shift + 0 to = 9

Secondary Bar Banks - Shift + Alt + 0 to = 9

Tertiary Bar Banks - Shift + Ctrl + 0 to = 9


Next UI Mode - F10

Close Top Window - Escape

Inventory - I

Quest Journal - J

Knowledge - K

Skills - L

Map - M

Socials - O

Community - Y

Effects - Alt + E

Group - Alt + G

Hotkeys - Alt + H

Quest Helper - Alt + J

Maintained Spells - Alt + M

Compass - Alt + N

Options - Alt + O

Pet - Alt + P

Target - Alt + T

Player - Alt + U

Experience - Alt + X

Game Menu - Alt + Escape

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